An immersive supernatural experience


David Ladderman and Lizzie Tollemache present strange and eerie ghost stories from the gold rush, digging up the unpleasant bits of our past to thrill, chill and delight their audiences.


As travelling carnies they've developed an obsession with the occult, exposing and explaining the paranormal.

But lately their shows have been disrupted by strange occurrences.

Audience members are experiencing phenomena that can't be explained. They are starting to believe that something has followed them back from the goldfields.

What if we are not alone in the theatre tonight?


Based on real life accounts of early New Zealand hauntings, this spine-chilling show will make you question every shadow and sleep with the lights on. Perfect for fans of mysteries, thrillers and films such as The Conjuring, The Others and The Woman in Black.


A show to make you gasp, laugh... and then scream.


Do you believe in ghosts?

“Impeccable timing from all concerned elevates the production to that rarely achieved beast, successful recreation of the supernatural in live theatre... Certainly a theatrical triumph...”

Theatreview 2016


“Sitting frozen in my seat, my heart beating faster and faster,

I held tight to my breath in case a scream escaped my mouth."

Tandem Studios


"Genuinely chilling and scary... Immaculate stagecraft and trickery."

The Press

"Between delicious, tingly, creeping dread, glorious full-on scares and, at one point, actual fear on my part, Dunstan Creek is in turns bombastic and gentle, a lesson in controlled chaos, with a captivating energy that is sustained completely throughout the hour... Real, immediate and all-encompassing. At times I clutch my seatmate, a woman I've never met before. She in turn grabs me, and then we laugh together. It is glorious."

Southland Arts Festival - THEATREVIEW 2017

WARNING: This show contains paranormal activity and is not suitable for those OF a nervous disposition.

Written & performed by

Lizzie Tollemache & David Ladderman

Directed by

Daniel Pengelly

Dramaturgy by

Allison Horsley

Set by

Richard van den Berg

Props by

Christy Lassen

Lighting Design by

Sean Hawkins


Amber Molloy

Costumes by

Sarah Douglas

technical manager

Amber Molloy

First produced in association with

The Court Theatre